Help for Miro – Mister Leather Poland 2013

One of us – Miro (Mister Leather Poland 2013) is currently in hospital after surgery to remove a tumor in the brain (the so-called ependymoma). He underwent several surgeries and treatments.

(from The REFFORM Foundation Archive)

Due to the impending urgent need to start Miro’s rehabilitation in a specialized center we are starting to raise funds for several months of therapy.

The sum is large, but not impossible to collect.

On behalf of Miro and his relatives, we ask you to donate any amount through the link below:

and to share this information with all friends and people who could support the campaign.

Miro’s brain works normally, but he communicates by writing only with his right hand, he has paresis of the left side of his body. With your help and rehabilitation, Miro may become independent in some time.

The matter is urgent!

This is what Miro tell us from the hospital:

„For 43 years I lived quite calmly doing what most people do: I worked, spent time with my relatives, friends, and recently I managed to start my adventure with a small motorcycle.

Unfortunately, everything has changed recently. The history of my illness began with a slight dizziness and squeaking in my ear. Visits to specialists and the medications they prescribed did not bring any improvement. Suffice it to say that one of the neurologists said that I must decide to get an implant that will „muffle” the squeak. The hope for improvement slowly faded away, and it seemed to me that I had to come to terms with the constant presence of sound in one of my ears. The source of the problem was only shown by magnetic resonance images – a brain tumor, ependymoma located in the fourth ventricle. After that, I was very lucky and found a scalpel. Surgery to remove the tumor from the brain was difficult, but the necessary one, thankfully, is behind me. However, not even 12 hours had passed since the first operation and I was lying on the operating table again to place a drain in the place of the tumor. It took me several days to wake up from my pharmacological coma. Since the suboccipital craniectomy, which took place on April 25, 2022, I have already experienced several inflammations and it is possible that I may have to undergo another surgery – dural plastic surgery.

After the surgery, a lot has changed for me:

  • I have a tracheotomy tube through which I breathe (periodically with the help of a respirator),
  • I do not swallow on my own, I am nourished by a probe in the stomach,
  • I have a strong paresis of the left side of the body, especially of the hand,
  • I see everything twice and very dimly.

I’m going to go back to the state and condition I was in before my cancer was diagnosed and operated on. I would like to return to my professional work, take a walk in the Silesian Park, and maybe return to motorcycle rides. Unfortunately, the inner strength at my disposal and the care and support of my loved ones are not enough. I know that I need urgent and long-term rehabilitation in a specialized center. According to doctors, with a properly implemented rehabilitation program, I have a chance to start breathing normally. If I learn to swallow again and the cough reflex occurs, I can gradually return to your usual diet, and the PEG (or stomach probe) could go away as well. If I start to breathe on my own and you don’t worry about choking anything, the tracheotomy tube can be removed from the larynx. Moreover, proper neurological stimulation and support from physiotherapists would help me stand on my feet, put my left arm on the move and improve my eyesight – this is what I need to feel like myself, to be an independent and independent person. Currently, even writing this text was possible only thanks to the help of my relatives, because I cannot use the keyboard, but only clumsily write with a marker on a piece of paper.

I am asking you to participate in this screenshot. The funds that I am able to collect in this way will enable me to use a specialized center where I am going to work miracles, or at least put a lot of effort into it, so that I can return to fitness soon and function among you again. The price of a monthly stay in a center with very good opinions and providing intensive rehabilitation costs about PLN 30,000.”