Program „To health!”

In his epigram, Jan Kochanowski wrote:

And a man truly
Can see it fully,
And tell by himself,
There’s nothing like Health,
So mere,
Yet so dear;


It has been nearly 450 years since a master Jan Kochanowski died but nobody dares to question what he wrote. There is nothing more important that good health and although we can take care of ourselves better in XXI century, we use various medicaments and dietary supplements, we do sport and we treat lifestyle as going to the gym and healthy food restaurants, our relatives, beloved ones, friends and we ourselves get sick. Sometimes these illnesses are incurable. We do our best to struggle against diseases but sometimes we can do nothing.

Unfortunately a 21-century medicine has not  found answers to numerous questions about fast detection, proper diagnosis, effective treatment and prevention of certain diseases. Sick persons suffer physically and emotionally. Sometimes they feel as if their world was collapsing around them, and even if they deal with this well, they have to fight against the diseases in many ways, they lose life energy, optimism and get depressed.

It is possible to help them in various ways: through counseling and medical consultancies as well as legal advice, through agency in the process of purchasing rehabilitation equipment, covering some or all costs related to surgeries and treatments, as well as mental support, physical presence in critical moments.

On 15 March 2017 Polsat NEWS published the following on the website of Polish Press Agency:

It is probably the first time the number of patients who have cancer in Poland in 2016 has increased to reach 180 thousand – according to the latest report on the oncologic patients in our country.


Purpose of the program „To health!”

The purpose of our program is to provide help to persons in difficult life situations, also arising from long-term diseases, with ruined health due to diseases or surgeries, persons who require medical and legal advice, who need rehabilitation equipment.

Fundraising – that is where you can donate

Public fundraising is the most common and simplest form of collecting cash for specific actions of the social organization. The first collection box will be available in reFForm store in Warsaw. The foundation plans to raise funds on 9 September 2017 in Berlin – the Foundation has received a notification and positive response from the German office –Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin.

Helping procedure

Help is provided on the basis of a resolution of the Foundation Board and after taking advice from the Foundation Chapter. A decision is taken on the basis of the petition, its justification, actual state of the person in question. The petition for providing help may be filed by a person in question, his/her relatives and third parties. If it is necessary to establish facts, the Foundation Board may request the petitioner to submit other documents required to take the final decision.